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Sixmilebridge is the small town located in County Clare, Ireland once home to James Moroney, my great-grandfather, prior to immigrating to the U.S. This anchor in the past reminds us that every step, no matter how seemingly unconnected, has led us here, to Paso. We’re thankful for that. We know this place is where we can make great wine. July 22, 1852: Tension exploded in otherwise placid Sixmilebridge when a group of ruling class landlords backed by eight armed soldiers “escorted” a group of tenants to the polls one fateful election day. After attempting to coerce the group into voting against their own interests, a larger group of tenants—backed by two Catholic priests—gathered at the scene. Soldiers opened fire. Six innocents lay slain in the cobblestone streets; eight wounded. After the massacre, the ruling class did not retreat. In fact, they argued that anyone who had been among the crowd on that famous day in Sixmilebridge—including Fr. Clune—be charged for inciting violence. Historical records indicate that almost every person who stood up for their rights was jailed for up to a year. Fr. Clune’s red ceremonial hat was noted to showcase a hole from a bullet which passed through it. His hat became a lasting symbol of that eventful day in Sixmilebridge.



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