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Vineyard and Winery work is physical, meaningful work. We like to say that we have our feet firmly in the ground so we can taste the stars in the sky. And though we aim for the sky, we are constantly reminded of the fact our feet are in the ground. We are blessed to work with some truly great people in the vineyard and the winery. Ultimately, it is people--people who love the soil underfoot, the open sky above, and the climbing vine between-- that make great wine.  

Meet the Winemaker

Greg La Follette Known throughout the wine world as a “vine whisperer,” “cellar magician,” and tireless coaxer and protector of his handcrafted wines, Greg La Follette bears the bona fides of the alchemist. A former seminarian and biochemist with degrees in Plant Biology and Chemistry, he was an early AIDS researcher at the University of California San Francisco before earning his master's degree in Food Science and Technology at the University of California Davis. It was at Davis that Greg became fascinated with “mouth feel” and literally tore wines apart, determined to decode the chemical riddles of taste and texture, especially in Burgundian styles of Pinot noir and chardonnay.



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