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Estate Tasting

$25 per person

Come by the Grand Room in the cave and relax on a sofa with a glass in your hand. Take a much-needed break from standing elbow to elbow at tasting bars, while tasting clean, boutique wines. Deerfield features small, hand-made lots available exclusively at the Deerfield cave.

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  • 2013 Sonoma Valley


    Zinfandel is the California grape. It originated in Croatia, but it has been grown in California for so long that it has morphed into a uniquely California wine grape. This blend uses Zinfandel from two of our favorite vineyards: Los Chamizal, and Buchignani/Garcia. We added Syrah to accentuate the lower palate flavors and Cabernet Franc to lift the profile and add chocolate notes. Special winemaking techniques including whole berry fermentation in small lots, and 48 months of carefully-monitored barrel aging in Pennsylvania Oak barrels in our cave makes it uniquely Deerfield....

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  • 2012 Super T-Rex


    Modeled after Super Tuscans, the great blends of Tuscany, Super T–Rex, celebrates the Rex Family’s Italian heritage and our winemaker’s art. To Sangiovese, Italy’s most popular varietal, Robert added six varietals, in degrees determined by taste, to enhance the Sangiovese experience and delight your palate....

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  • 2019 White Rex


    White Rex is like no other white wine in the world. White wines have typically been single varietals and the rare blend, more often blended by the demand of supply. White Rex is blended from varietals that fit together like a puzzle on your palate, blended by taste. White Rex is full-flavored, off-dry, and refreshing. It is good by itself and pairs with spicy foods....

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  • 2015 Red Rex


    Red Rex is fruit forward, full-bodied, complex, and velvety. The grapes were triple sorted for quality. Each lot was separately aged for two years in select French and American oak barrels, blended by taste and returned to the barrels for an extraordinary total of five years barrel aging. Each varietal fits in the blend like a piece in a puzzle, reaching every corner of your palate. Winemaking 60% coking and 40% chemistry. It’s about the quality of the ingredients, style, and technique....

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  • 2013 Ivy Glen


    The 2013 Vintage was the best since 2007. We said that about the 2012 vintage but after experiencing 2013, it proved to be even better than the stellar 2012 vintage. What does “better” mean? Many tasters would say they are stronger but that is too simplistic. The 2013 red wines have more structure and more depth. They engage longer, the taste lingers longer on your palate. It is currently my favorite Zinfandel and anyone that works at Deerfield will tell you that Zinfandel is my favorite wine. - Robert...

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  • 2012 Syrah Cuvee


    Our Estate Syrah Vineyard, the center of Sonoma Valley in Kenwood, is surrounded by a protected wetland, the Kenwood Marsh. Deerfield is restoring the wetlands and husbanding the endangered Checkerbloom plant that lives there. Our vineyard, farmed naturally and dynamically, without pesticides or herbicides, demonstrates that we can grow world-class grapes next to a sensitive environment. Both are thriving. This Estate Syrah reflects the richness of its terroir including flavors from the wild blackberries that abound in the wetlands. Barrel aging for five years made the wine more complex....

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