2013 Ivy Glen Deerfield Ranch Winery

Ivy Glen 2013

a Zinfandel from Sonoma MountainCA
$85 per bottle

The 2013 Vintage was the best since 2007. We said that about the 2012 vintage but after experiencing 2013, it proved to be even better than the stellar 2012 vintage. What does “better” mean? Many tasters would say they are stronger but that is too simplistic. The 2013 red wines have more structure and more depth. They engage longer, the taste lingers longer on your palate. It is currently my favorite Zinfandel and anyone that works at Deerfield will tell you that Zinfandel is my favorite wine. - Robert


100% Zinfandel


Ivy Glen

Alc. %

Detailed Info
RS 5%
Sustainable Yes
Closure Natural
Bottle Size Standard

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