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Russian River Valley

Our Story

Our team is an extension of an extraordinary family, one that eats, drinks, and breathes a lifelong passion for wine. That passion is in every bottle of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Zinfandel we produce. There's no cutting corners or making compromises. Our fathers taught us to be the best at what we do, and always produce something we can be proud of. Nothing else will suffice, period.

Meet the Winemaker

Winemaker and co-owner Mike Sullivan grew up tending his family’s vines on Sonoma Mountain. Proprietors Mary Dewane and Joe Anderson were both raised on hard work by their fathers, Ben Dewane and Novian Anderson. Hard work brings its own rewards, they would say. Be the best at what you do. Surround yourself with good people, and let them get to work. And never, ever produce anything that wouldn’t make you proud.



  • Chardonnay
  • Grenache
  • Pinot
  • Pinot Noir
  • Zinfandel
  • Blend-Sparkling


  • Russian River Valley
  • Sonoma Coast
  • Sonoma County
  • Sonoma Mountain


  • Private Tours*
  • Wine Club
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Indoor Seating
  • Picnic Area
  • Pet Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Art Displays
  • Gift Shop
  • Wheelchair Accessible


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